Information for Service Users

The Information Sub-group of the Cardiff and Vale Unified Assessment Project has produced 4 leaflets:

  1. Unified Assessment – Helping you achieve a better quality of life. This is for all the agencies involved, i.e. Cardiff Council and the Vale of Glamorgan Council, Health boards, the Trust and other partners. It is aimed at anyone wanting to know about UA - not just service users. It is introducing people to Unified Assessment.
  2. Your assessment This is a joint Cardiff & Vale of Glamorgan local authority leaflet. It does not include Health or any other partner. It is for people about to undergo an assessment for social care needs.
  3. Looking after your social care information This is also a joint Cardiff & Vale local authority leaflet for people about to undergo an assessment. It  may also be used whenever the local authorities collect information (especially when seeking permission to share information) and service users have not already had a copy or have lost their copy and forgotten what it said.
  4. Community Care Services – A guide to social services for adults This is also a joint Cardiff & Vale local authority leaflet. It is for people undergoing an assessment or review.

To obtain copies of the above leaflets, please contact the Cardiff Learning Disability Team or Vale Community Support Team
Copies of these leaflets can also be downloaded from the Councils’ websites:

Where a Unified Assessment has identified an area of need that is eligible for services and which meets the Fair Access to Care Services eligibility criteria, the Local Authority will identify and propose a care package that is suitable and appropriate to meet that assessed need. However, if the service user does not want the package offered but wants another package instead, the Local Authority is not obliged to provide that other package

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