Spice- time banking....an alternative to cash!

Time banking is a practical way to reap the benefits of the hours you spend supporting others in your community. In return for your time you earn credits which in turn can be spent in a variety of ways from accessing discounted entrance fees to one-off events and shows. The possibilities are endless. Spice schemes are being set up across the region. 

 We all need a little help sometimes, for lots of different things.

Our communities are no different, and this is where Time Credits come in. If you give an hour of your time to your community, your community will thank you by giving you an hour back to spend on something you like to do. Everyone’s hour is worth the same and everyone gets thanked.

There’s no limit to how many credits you can earn, and the more you earn the more you can spend. Time Credits never expire. There are lots of ways to earn Time Credits across your community, and hundreds of ways to spend them across the country. You can earn and spend in a way that suits you.

Why? Because everyone has something to give, and ultimately, because a bit of time together makes all the difference. Carers or support workers are given free entry with anyone who has earned time credits and needs a bit of extra assistance.

Time banking allows you to save scarce cash and earn credits - doing things that you enjoy while helping others!

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