Complaints about Voluntary Organisations

Most complaints regarding a charity should be addressed to the trustees and dealt with
by them under the charity’s own internal complaints procedures. However, there are
a limited number of circumstances where a complaint would fall under the Charities Commission’s jurisdiction, and when it does, they will only take it forward where they are provided with evidence that there is a serious risk to the charity, its beneficiaries or assets. If, someone believes that their complaint is one that falls within their criteria, they should complete the online form (not contact a particular individual within the Commission).

An organisation is a charity in law if it has wholly charitable objects and operates for the public benefit. The Commission registers charities with an annual income over £5000. The Commission does not therefore confer charitable status (an organisation either is a charity or isn’t) and so cannot take it away. If an organisation is a charity, it remains a charity forever and it is the trustees’ responsibility to run it accordingly and in line with charity law.

For further information contact:

Charity Commission
Wales Office
8th Floor Clarence House
Clarence Place
Newport NP19 7AA
Tel: 01663 225505
Contact centre: 0870 333 0123
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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