Person Centred Planning

Person Centred Planning (PCP) is a way in which the full involvement of the person who has learning disabilities can be planned.  A range of approaches or 'person centred planning tools' are used to make sure that the plan developed is truly based on the individual.  The approaches have been developed because the assessment and individual planning systems used by professionals have not been very effective at involving the person themselves and have tended to focus on fitting people into services. Person centred planning turns this around by asking; how a person with a learning difficulty can be involved in looking at their future and what they want out of life?'

The main points about Person Centred Planning are:

  • PCP focuses upon the wishes and needs of individuals - the kind of person they are, their hopes and aims, their wishes in all areas of life
  • PCP is 'owned' by the individuals rather than by others.  A natural support group of significant people in the individual's life is involved in the plan.  Parents and families can play a significant role.
  • An action plan of services should follow, based on what the individual requires. 

A six page information sheet giving a fuller description and a list of further resources can be obtained from Learning Disability Wales.

PCP networks exist around Wales which Learning Disability Wales assist in administering.  There is an all Wales steering group and networks in North Wales, South and East Wales and Mid and West Wales.


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